The modular conveyor belting simplifies construction and allows us to build any size belt with the same components. The conveyor belt has a smooth surface that improves corner turning while reducing scuffing when sliding under items. Plastic modular belt conveyors provide many advantages for processing and manufacturing, and are generally used in environments that require complex running systems, including inclines, declines and bends to run from one drive. This helps reduce initial cost as well as overall maintenance. The unique modular design allows belt
lengths to be customized without the need for specialty equipment or additional drives.

Spiral Conveyor

Our spirals are based on a new and innovative technology. Requiring less floor space than conventional conveyors and faster and more reliable. Our Spirals are designed for low maintenance and long life. Only high quality metals are used throughout. Our proprietary spiral technology has allowed us to create specialty spirals that solve many of our customer’s unique requirements.

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