Perfect destoner is extremely efficient: Even small, lighter stones The efficient removal of high-density matter such as stones, glass and metal provides additional protection to parts further along the production chain; wear is reduced significantly.

A dust collector with upstream fan removes dust particles from the air, thus enabling dust-free operation of the machine. Specific gravity destoner/destoning machine to remove gravel, clod, coal cinder, etc large specific gravity impurities.

perfect destoner is the dedicated equipment in grain cleaning, mainly used for peanut preliminary cleaning and first sifting, to remove gravel, clod, coal cinder, etc large specific gravity impurities, also used for cleaning of other grains, cereals and fine selection of seeds. The machine has reasonable and novel design, using the theory of combining wind with vibrating and screening, having some features: high production efficiency, good destoning, gravel and clod removal property, low energy consumption, no dust spillover, low noise, simple operation and easy maintenance, etc. It requires to be equipped with solo air suction net.

High stone-removing efficiency, with shutter sieve, it is suitable for multi-purpose purpose cleaning Processing division where there is more stones content in raw grain. With external fan, fully sealed machine, and no dust outside machine, thereby gaining the end of environmental protection.

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