Large range of screens for all kinds of crops

Perfect technology offers the largest range of perforated patterns for pre-cleaning. Screens that gently and thoroughly re move unwanted materials from all kinds of crops such as corn, grain, seed, maize, rice, legume etc.

We offer a wide range of precision slot and round hole perforations in various thicknesses and materials for your specific need.

High precision process

For the complex separation process the quality of the perforation is extremely important for the final product quality and efficiency! Therefore, precision, efficiency and tight tolerance levels are common for all our
solutions followed up by professional service and advice. We offer a variety of commercial screens that make it cost-effective to achieve uniformity in size and shape of all kinds of crops.

Hardwood framed screens for pre-cleaning

We carry hardwood framed screens for pre-cleaning and grading screens(sieves).These frames are hand made in our workshop.

Ball Racks and Balls

At Perfect technology, we carry ball racks and balls for most models of grain cleaners. These ball racks fit under the screen and the balls bounce and tap the screen above, cleaning the area from contamination. This ensures that the screens won’t clog and will clean your commodity more efficently. Our Super Shaker balls feature outstanding lifespan & exceptional cold weather bounce.

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