Mr. Sabir I. Fakir

Mr. Sabir has an extensive experience of over 12 years in the Peanut & multy purpose grain cleaning Processing plant. He started perfect technology in 2008 and under his sound leadership the company has grown from strength to strength.

Under his sound leadership the foundation of the company has been strengthened. All machines at perfect technology are designed by Mr.sabir right from the concept to the final machining solution. Mr. sabir has extensively traveled and is abreast with the latest happenings in the Peanut & multy purpose grain cleaning Processing plants

Mr. Hanif I. Fakir

Responsible for implementations and monitoring of all mechanical related works at site as per approved drawings and methods and safety rules.

Plans the execution of all Mechanical related works. Ensures that all site works are done according to all applicable quality standards. Carrying out all Mechanical Works and equipments installation activities.

8 years site experience in basic design requirements, installation and all site activities related to all Mechanical works for construction of turnkey projects.

Mr. Imtiaz I. Fakir

Mr. Imtiaz I. Fakir, a second generation entrepreneur, joined perfect technology in 2008 At perfect, he is also responsible for human capital management, financial management.

Mr. Imtiaz is an integral part of the management that is leading the company in the next phase of expansion in the global market. Represent company in financial matters, effectively communicating information Maintain strong company relationships with banks and sureties.

Mr. Imran I. Sahamdar

Mr. Imran I. Sahamdar has been associated with the perfect technology since 10 years.

He is responsible for all production activities right from the raw material procurement to the final assembly and testing. He is responsible for production planning, machining, assembly and testing.

Mr. Imran is responsible for mechanical support. Under his leadership the company is upgrading its quality systems.